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The term adaptogen was introduced into scientific literature by Russian toxicologist Nikolay Lazarev in 1957 to refer to ‘substances that increase the state of non-specific resistance' in stress. However, adaptogens have been used under different names in traditional herbal medicines for thousands of years.  

There are over 90 kinds of herbs and mushrooms classed as adaptogens and they each do something a bit different, or act in different ways. However, they all help the body resist stress, be it physical, emotional or environmental, and find optimal balance by promoting homeostasis.

Want to know more? We've compiled some scientific studies of adaptogens with citations

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Our active ingredients Reishi, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola and Eleuthero can help you feel calm, focused and energised. No caffeine jitters here. If you add Rebalance №001 to your daily ritual you may notice you feel light and clear, with new natural energy over time. 

In sommelier speak, Rebalance №001 is an elegant tea with umami citrus flavours and fresh herbal notes. Our tea is delicately sweetened with agave nectar and lemon. It is slightly fizzy. The ingredients are bound with soluble herbal oils, like sage, that are at once extremely familiar and difficult to place. 

If we were feeling poetic we might say ‘imagine drinking a cool, green tea lemonade as you lie next to a freshly cut lawn on a carefree summer’s day.’ 

Whenever you need to. Some people might like to drink Rebalance001 before a morning meditation, for an afternoon pick me up or at night instead of alcohol. 

Adaptogens work to increase our body’s resistance to stress over time, so we recommend making Rebalance №001 part of your daily ritual. The longer you drink it, the more benefit you will feel from the active ingredients. 

If you’re under 18, breastfeeding, pregnant or may become pregnant, or have a medical condition, it's probably best to err on the side of caution and ask a doctor. 

It's always best to speak to a doctor before you take any herbal medicine during pregnancy or when breastfeeding. 

There are very low levels of naturally occurring caffeine in Rebalance №001 as it is brewed using tea stalks. 

There is a daily dose of the active ingredients Reishi, Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, and Eleuthero in Rebalance N°001. Each ingredient is safe, non-toxic, and non-habit forming. Nevertheless, if you have any specific worries about any of our ingredients we recommend speaking to your physician.

Rebalance №001Rebalance №001